Freedom Pt. 2 - Study of Galatians

“Freedom” A Study of the Book of Galatians - Part 2

In part two of his message titled “Freedom,” Pastor George reminds us that as believers we must contend for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the book of Galatians, Paul addresses the church of their turning from the gospel of Christ to another gospel, which really was not a gospel at all. In this study, we are reminded that there are moments in our lives when we turn away from the gospel of truth to fallacies based on our current desires, passions and emotions. In addition, the gospel that we follow represents the foundation of decisions that we make. The Bible words in John 6 that Jesus had many followers who witnessed him doing amazing miracles such as feeding the multitudes. However, as Jesus preached His message that He was the bread of life that comes from heaven, people stopped following him since they could not understand. They turned to another gospel which was not a gospel at all because He alone is the good news. The gospel of our Lord and Savior is about faith. A faith in those things that we may not see with our natural eyes but believe with a faithful heart. Pastor George reminds the church that if we turn away from the gospel, we will never know what God is up to in our lives. We may be tempted to turn to other gospels as a result of our relationships, finances, and unanswered prayers. However, we must be reminded that God has graced us and has called us to a higher calling than what we may see in our current circumstance. There may be areas that are pulling you away from the faith but do your best to contend and fight for that faith that is founded on the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the foundation of truth where we are reminded that what we do, we do to live in the grace of Him. When Jesus asked his disciples if they wanted to leave with the others, Peter asked the question of “To whom shall we go?” Even in his understanding, Peter believed that Jesus had the words of eternal life so while others turned away, his faith went to a whole new dimension. Others may have turned to another gospel and there may be a turning in your heart to something that is not really a gospel at all but the question to ask yourself is to what or to whom are you turning to?