Freedom Pt. 1 - Study of Galatians 1:1-5

“Freedom” A Study of the Book of Galatians

In his message titled “Freedom,” Pastor George spoke on the gospel being the good news that Jesus has given us believers. This good news involves the gift of grace, love and truth. As the Bible words it in John 1:16, we have all received grace in place of grace already given. Pastor George speaks on how Paul wrote to the church to remind the church to come back to grace. We see this in the letters that Paul writes, which remind us of the grace and peace that God has freely given to us. The church today suffers from something known as the drift. This is where the church can drift away from those who need to be saved and focus on those who already are saved, and ultimately, the drift to excessive adherence to the law rather than on personal religious faith which drifts us away from God’s grace. Ephesians 3:8 says that “I need you to remember the grace of God” and because God’s Word is the same back then as it is today that same grace, which is the unmerited favor of God, is what we believers must be reminded of. It is that grace that gives us freedom. Pastor George implores the people to consider their hearts and search of some legalistic tendencies that may have made a home where God wants his grace to reside instead. The three things to consider was to first understand that legalism is working in our own power and not God’s, legalism is working according to our own rules, and working to earn God’s favor. To refrain from this drift we are reminded that we do not work in our own strength but rather in our love for God, that we are not to add onto the Word as Paul advises us, and that we live from God’s favor that He has given us based off of love. When you operate in grace and His love, you are operating in the full faith of God. Galatians 1:4 reminds us that it is Jesus who delivered us and is the one who has made us free. We do not qualify for the grace but it has been given to us. Are you operating in the grace that God has given you?