Church in the "SON"

On Sunday, August 23rd, the Lifetime Church Family met at Downey park. Located in East Orlando, Downey Park was an awesome location for us to worship with one another, listen to some amazing testimonies, eat from a variety of food and even work off calories as we played volleyball for a championship trophy. Although we are all winners in God’s eyes, we did have a winning team that afternoon. The best part of our gathering, however, was that we enjoyed having Church in the “SON.” Understanding that we are the church and that our ministry goes beyond the four walls of the church was witnessed by the larger community. Being reminded that God is everywhere and that His presence goes with us wherever we go is crucial to being a witness for the world to see, especially the world that may be hesitant to go to church today. Many times it is ministry that occurs outside the church leads people to Christ; this was the mission of Lifetime Church Family that morning as we had Church in the “SON.”