Adam & Eve Series - Eve's Original Design


This Sunday, Pastor George's wife Nefray spoke about Eve and The Lord's original design for womankind. Starting off her lesson with Genesis 2:18, Nefray spoke about the role of the woman. She highlighted that the Lord designed his daughters to (1) Be a Helper, (2) Unveil Beauty, and (3) Glorify God.

In singleness, the woman has the freedom to pursue every calling that the Lord has placed on her heart. Once married, that woman must take on her highest calling as the helper. Nefray described how the beauty of a woman is housed in the quiet, gentleness of her spirit (1 Peter 3:4), not in her outward beauty. Lastly, in all stages of the woman's life she must honor The Lord her God with all her might.

"If you want to love a man of God, you must first love your Father in heaven." - Nefray Searight

At the end of service, Pastor George honored the women of the church with a special prayer of thanks and encouragement from all the men. All-in-all it was an experience that showed woman of God are to be esteemed highly because of the sacrifices they make as our sisters, mothers, spouses, and friends.

Here's to you, Eve!